You can record curry at any time, and also see the map with shops that you have been.

CurryMemo CurryMemo CurryMemo

News Typing

This is a typing training application with news topics. You can train with a variety of texts every day.

News Typing News Typing

Flash Eye

This game is to test your reflexes. You contest a speed of touching circles at random position.

Flash Eye Flash Eye Flash Eye


This app is a vocabulary quiz. You answer it with clues.

Hangman! Hangman! Hangman!


This app assists you to cut a cake. You can divide equally with the help of the guidelines. This app supports circle, rectangle and grid.

CakeCuttin CakeCuttin CakeCuttin


This app shows entranced and graduated year at high school etc. when you input birthday, high school and so on.

ResumeYear ResumeYear ResumeYear


You can record ramen at any time, and also see the map with shops that you have been. Furthermore, you tweet ramen to twitter, and you can share ramen with others by using #RamenMemo tag.

RamenNote RamenNote RamenNote


This app shows song list of Vocaloid on JOYSOUND and DAM. You can search any songs by song name, P name and Vocaloid. Furthermore, this app has my list.

Vocala Vocala Vocala


This app shows expectation yen of slot mounted bail-out when you input machine name, rest game and exchange rate.

SlotExpectation SlotExpectation